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Spring 2022 Bread CSA - January Baking Schedule

Happy New Year! The Spring 2022 cycle of Ferment’s Bread CSA will begin this coming Monday, January 10, and run for four months (Jan 10-Feb 4; Feb 7-Mar 4; Mar 7-Apr 1; Apr 4-29) with the strong possibility of adding a fifth month (May 2-27). The baking schedule for January picks up with last year’s newest addition: a 50/50 loaf of Yecora Roja – a variety of hard red spring wheat that was developed by the International Maize & Wheat Improvement Center in cooperation with the Mexican ministry of Agriculture in Mexico in the 1960s, gained a foothold in northern California in the 1970s, and has since become a favorite of West Coast artisanal sourdough bakers – that stands out for its lightweight, buttery smooth flavor. Week two’s rye breads will feature a portion home-milled flours for the first time (Christmas comes with unexpected gifts for the home baker!) before the tried and true Ferment staples return in the weeks three and four.

M Jan 10 50/50 Yecora Rojo F Jan 14 Lucca’s White Knot M Jan 17 Country Rye F Jan 21 Steamed Sprouted Rye M Jan 24 Seeded Wheat F Jan 28 Toasted Sesame

M Jan 31 Honeyed Oat Porridge F Feb 4 Bâtard 707 We hope to welcome you back for the Spring!

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