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Bread CSA

If You Want Bread... 

To echo that moderately famous Aussie band: If you want bread, we've got it. The idea is simple: We bake twice a week, Mondays and Fridays, according to our monthly baking schedule (it's on the blog); you purchase a Monday and/or Friday bread and cracker subscription and we'll deliver the baked goods fresh to your door. 

... We've Got It​!

We bake in the afternoon and then bring you the bread when it's still warm. If you live in Somerville, Cambridge, or Charlestown, you're in luck—we deliver by bike.

How to Subscribe

It's easy! Just email <> with your inquiry, your home address and information where and how to deliver the bread, and we'll reply with subscription details and an electronic invoice. 

Alternatively, use the online ordering system (it can be finicky!)

Monthly Subscriptions 

Our subscriptions are for four weekly deliveries of our fresh 2 lb or 1.25 lb loaves of bread, with or without our popular crunchy crackers. 

The Whole Loaf Subscription

  • $40 - four deliveries of our two-pound hearth loaf, with or without...

  • $16 - four portions of crackers

The More-than-Half Loaf Subscription

  • $32 - four weeks of our popular 1.25 lb hearth loaf, with or without...

  • $16 - four portions of crackers

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