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October 2020 Bread CSA Baking Schedule

The second month of the baking season is around the corner, and were excited to bake some of our favorite tried and true recipes. As in September, we’ll be delivering bread on Monday and Thursdays between 5 and 7pm. The prospective baking schedule for October is as follows.

M Sep 28 Red Fife Country Loaf

R Oct 1 Sesame-Wheat

M Oct 5 Golden Raisin

R Oct 8 Sprouted Pumpernickel Rye

M Oct 12 Wild Rice Porridge

R Oct 15 Poilânesque

M Oct 19 Bâtard 707

R Oct 22 Pumpkin and Polenta Sourdough

The pricing and subscription options remain the same and are as posted on the website (<>).

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