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May 2022 Baking Schedule

As has become the custom, we’re extending the spring baking season into May before going the summer break. The baking schedule returns some old Ferment favorite: the Poilânesque (made with a liquid levain starter for crispier crust), the Cranberry Walnut, and the Somerville Sourdough, and the Steamed Sprouted Rye. Please note that we will be on summer break from June 1 through Sept 5, when the Fall Bread CSA begins. With our best wishes for the Spring, here's the baking schedule: M May 02 Poilânesque F May 06 Ferment 50/50 M May 09 Cranberry Walnut F May 13 Wild Rice Porridge M May 16 Steamed Sprouted Rye F May 20 Raisin Bread M May 23 Somerville Sourdough F May 27 Bâtard 707

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