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March 2022 Ferment Bread CSA Baking Schedule

The March baking schedule promises to bring a spring to your step! This month features two new recipes and a variation on an old staple: the Double Rye and the Chia Seed loaves are the newcomers -- the former seeks to double the rye flour content and keep the open crumb of more conventional hearth loaves, while the latter introduces a superfood to our lineup of seeded loaves – and the Dinkel Ruchbrot uses high-extraction Spelt flour in variation on our conventional Ruchbrot. The remaining loaves are all Ferment staples.

M Mar 07 Dinkel Ruchbrot

F Mar 11 Double Rye

M Mar 14 Chia Seed

F Mar 18 Miso & Sesame

M Mar 21 Olive Bread

F Mar 25 Kasha Porridge

M Mar 28 Wild Rice Porridge

F Apr 01 Bâtard 707

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