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March 2020 Baking Schedule

Thank you for all the great feedback! This month sees a continuation of the sprouted loaf theme, this time with super-food-y quinoa and amaranth grains in addition to the Sprouted Rye Pumpernickel and sprouted Kamut. Here’s the baking schedule for March:

M Mar 2 Lucca’s White-Not

F Mar 6 Ploughman’s Loaf

M Mar 9 Sprouted Rye Pumpernickel

F Mar 13 Sprouted Quinoa

M Mar 16 Sprouted Amaranth

F Mar 20 Sprouted Kamut

M Mar 23 Wild Rice Porridge

F Mar 27 Bâtard 707

The pricing and subscription options remain are as posted on the website. Let us know if you'd like to join!

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