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Ferment March 2021Bread CSA Baking Schedule

There’s one new bread to complement the seven Ferment staples for this month’s Bread CSA, the liquid-levain based “Dinkel Ruchbrot.” This bread adapts the two-stage dough-building process of last month’s “Poilânesque” with the flour mix for a rustic Swiss Spelt loaf (“Dinkel” is German for “spelt”). The baking schedule for March is as follows:

M Mar 8 Kamut (60%)

F Mar 12 DinkelRuchbrot

M Mar 15 Seeded Wheat

F Mar 19 Olive Bread

M Mar 22 Pain Complet

F Mar 26 Double-Fermented Cracked Rye

M Mar 29 Polenta Bread

F Apr 02 Bâtard 707

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