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Ferment April 2021Bread CSA Baking Schedule

To temper April’s alleged cruelty, this month features two new recipes: the “Tourte de Saigle” from France’s Auvergne region and “The Alewife’s Einkorn.” I’ve adapted the former recipe, whose name literally means “a pie of rye,” from David Leader’s excellent Living Bread. The dough is made up entirely of rye flour and is built with an extraordinarily large amount of very hot water to facilitate fermentation and to put your baker’s timing to the test. The second loaf is a Ferment original and takes its name from the einkorn flour it employs; the play on the Alewife station references the bread’s incorporation of a pre-ferment of einkorn flour soaked in ale. The rest of the breads are Ferment staples. I hope you like them all! The baking schedule is as follows:

M Apr 5 Raisin Bread

F Apr 9 Sesame Wheat

M Apr 12 Wheat/Spelt

F Apr 16 The Alewife’s Einkorn

M Apr 19 Steamed Sprouted Rye

F Apr 23 Tourte de Saigle

M Apr 26 Bâtard 707

F Apr 30 Olive Bread

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