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Fall 2020 Bread CSA

I hope you’ve had a fabulous and healthy summer! We are excited to start with the Fall 2020 Bread CSA on August 31 and with an important change: we’ll be switching our customary Friday bread deliveries to Thursdays. Monday deliveries and delivery times (5-7pm) remain unchanged. 

The baking schedule for September is as follows (again, note the shift to Thursdays).

M Aug 31   Lucca’s White-Not

R Sep  3   Seeded Wheat

M Sep  7   Double Fermented Sprouted Rye

R Sep 10   Sprouted Buckwheat 

M Sep 14   Honeyed Oat

R Sep 17   Sunflower-Flaxseed

M Sep 21   Somerville Sourdough

R Sep 24   Bâtard 707

As in the spring, I will continue to follow the CDC’s food handling and food safety guidelines and carefully monitor my health and that of my family.

wenlook forward to hearing from you!

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