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December 2021 Baking Schedule

The December baking schedule brings 2021 to a close by extending the theme of using ancient and heirloom wheat grains: the Kamut-Spelt, Semolina Sesame, and 50/50 Yeocora Rojo advertise the grains in their names, while the Ploughman’s Loaf is based on einkorn flour. The Cranberry Walnut and Golden Raisin loaves round out the holiday season.

Please note that the last day of bread deliveries falls on Christmas Eve and that I will deliver the bread before noon on F, Dec. 24. If you need to make changes to your delivery schedule, please contact me. Here, then, is the schedule: M Nov 29 Ploughman’s Loaf F Dec 3 Kamut-Spelt M Dec 6 Semolina Sesame F Dec 10 Olive Bread M Dec 13 Cranberry Walnut F Dec 17 Golden Raisin Bread M Dec 20 Bâtard 707 W Dec 24 50/50 Yecora Rojo

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