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Dec 2022 Baking Schedule

The Dec 2022 backing schedule is the last of the 2022 season, and we’d like to thank you for coming along on the ride. To ring out the year, we’re developing some tried and true and new flour combinations – the “au Levain” breads – with the “liquid levain” technique, which involves using a higher hydration starter to achieve a more extensible and open crumb. The rest of the schedule consists of a selection of old favorites. Here it is:

M Nov 28 Durum-Khorasan au Levain

F Dec 2 Lucca’s White Knot au Levain

M Dec 5 Sprouted Spelt with Rye

F Dec 9 Wild Rice Porridge

M Dec 12 Sunflower-Flaxseed

F Dec 16 Olive Bread

M Dec 19 Bâtard au Levain

F Dec 23 Raisin Bread

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