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April 2024 Baking Schedule

This month’s baking schedule brings back loaves with sprouted grains –Ferment’s Steamed Sprouted Rye and the Rye Pumpernickel – that provide an unparalleled depth and complexity of flavor. The other loaves feature European recipes – the Swiss Ruchbrot and French Pain de Campagne – and a pair of popular seeded loaves the month wraps up with the customary Batärd 707 and our take on Tartine’s Spelt-Wheat loaf. Enjoy!


M Apr 08   Ruchbrot

F Mar 12   Pain de Campagne


M Mar 15   Seeded Wheat

F Mar 19   Chia Seed


M Mar 22   Steamed Sprouted Rye

F Mar 26   Ferment’s Rye Pumpernickel


M Apr 29   Bâtard 707

F May 03   Spelt-Wheat


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