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Apr 2023 Baking Schedule

The April baking schedule is culled from the Ferment back catalog and features the return of two Swiss breads – the rustic Swiss Spelt “Ruchbrot,” loaf (“Dinkel” is German for “spelt”) and the dense and chewy all-rye “Walliser Roggenbrot” or “Pain de Seigle” – and the ever popular Seede Wheat and Golden Raisin loaves. Voilà, les pain – here are the breads:

M Apr 3 Kamut-Spelt

F Apr 7 Dinkel Ruchbrot

M Apr 10 Seeded Wheat

F Apr 14 Golden Raisin Bread

M Apr 17 Lucca’s White Knot

F Apr 21 Walliser Roggenbrot

M Apr 24 Bâtard 707

F Apr 28 Steamed Sprouted Spelt

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