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November Bread CSA Baking Schedule

This month’s baking schedule features a mix of seeded, sprouted, and porridge breads and one newbie – a Sonora White Wheat Blend. The bread is built around white Sonora wheat, which is considered to be the oldest wheat in the Americas. This ancient heritage wheat isn’t exactly indigenous – it was brought to what is now the southwest United States in the late 1680s by Padre Eusebio Kino, a Jesuit missionary, and was quickly adopted by the Pima people who have been growing it ever since using dry-farming techniques. It is a “soft” wheat (i.e. rich in protein and low in gluten) with a distinctive sweetness and a creamy color that makes it especially suited for tortillas. Our loaf blends this flour with a hi-extraction and whole wheat flours to strengthen its texture and provide an open crumb. We’d love to hear what your taste buds tell you! Nov 2019 Baking Schedule M Oct 28 Country Einkorn F Nov 1 Sprouted Rye M Nov 4 Durum Sesame F Nov 8 Sunflower-Flaxseed M Nov 11 Honeyed Oat F Nov 15 Sonora Wheat Blend M Nov 18 Ruchbrot F Nov 22 Bâtard 707

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