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Fall 2019 Bread CSA Reboot — plus Union Square Farmer's Market!

Thanks to all of you who visited the Ferment stand (sponsored by Nibble) to pick up some bread, chat, or just stop by to see what's happening. We sold out completely—as in nothing left to take home but empty boxes—and got lots of great feedback!

The Fall 2019 season will begin on Tuesday, September 3 and run through December 20; the four cycles are Sept 3-27; Sept 30-Oct 25; Oct 28-Nov 22; Nov 25-Dec 20). The September cycle—viz. the baking schedule below—focuses on porridge breads. These breads typically consist of cooked, in some cases pre-fermented sprouted or flaked grains that are added and worked into the dough; the resulting breads are super-hydrated, easily digestible, and they keep extraordinarily well—plus they make excellent sandwiches! The porridge bread we’re baking this month are Ferment staples—Polenta (Cracked Corn Porridge) Bread, Farro Porridge, and Brown Rice Porridge)—with one new addition: the Freekeh Porridge bread. Freekeh is a middle eastern cereal made from durum wheat. Its grains are picked early, sun-dried, and roasted. Low in fat and high in protein with twice as much fiber as quinoa, Freekeh is a real super-food that I hope will also make for a flavorful loaf of bread!

Please let me know by Saturday, August 31, if you would like to (re-)join our Bread CSA for the all or any part of the Fall season. The pricing and subscription options remain the same as in Spring and are posted here. If you would like to change your subscription in any way, please let me know at your earliest convenience. I accept payment in cash or by check (payable to Matthias Rudolf and addressed to 24 Munroe St., Somerville, MA 02143), or via an online invoice from Square.

Sept 2019 Baking Schedule

T Sep 3 Polenta Bread

F Sep 6 Lucca’s White Knot

M Sep 9 Farro Porridge

F Sep 13 Pain Complet

M Sep 16 Freekeh Porridge

F Sep 20 20% Rye

M Sep 23 Brown Rice Porridge

F Sep 27 Bâtard 707

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