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April/May 2019 Baking Schedule

It’s Spring! To celebrate with the new season, the next cycle (from April 15 through May 10) will feature three new recipes: a double-fermented Kamut bread (F Apr 19), a seeded Ploughman’s Loaf (M Apr 29), and a Buckwheat Porridge loaf (F May 10). The rest is a combination of staples and two perennial favorites, Lucca’s White-Not and olive bread.

This is the last month of the Winter/Spring 2019 Bread CSA cycle before the summer break. The Bread CSA will be back on at the start of September. I will send out a prospective baking schedule in mid-August and will hope to welcome you all back for the Fall Bread CSA.

And now for for the April-May baking schedule. Happy eating!

M Apr 15 Red Fife Pain Complet F Apr 19 Double-Fermented Kamut M Apr 22 Lucca’s White Knot F Apr 26 Olive Bread M Apr 29 Seeded Ploughman’s Loaf F May 3 Steamed Sprouted Rye M May 6 Bâtard 707 F May 10 Buckwheat Porridge

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