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December 2018 Baking Schedule

We’re turning into the home stretch of 2018 and the last month of bread delivery this year. This month’s baking schedule features the Ruchbrot for Friday subscribers and two experiments with Kamut, an ancient strain of Durum wheat from the Mediterranean (Italy, Turkey, Egypt) that pairs a golden color with an extraordinarily high protein proportion and fine taste. On Monday, Dec 3, I’ll pair a 60% Kamut loaf with the grassy nuttiness of an Einkorn porridge, and on F, Dec 14, I’ll pair the Kamut with sprouted Quinoa berries. The other breads this month are Ferment staples, from the opening Country Loaf to the Christmas-y Cranberry Walnut loaf that will close out the year. There will be no bread delivery from Dec 24 - Jan 4; the January 2019 cycle will begin on Monday, Jan. 7.

M Nov 26 Country Loaf F Nov 30 Ruchbrot M Dec 3 Einkorn Porridge with Kamut F Dec 7 Seeded Wheat M Dec 10 Raisin Bread F Dec 14 Sprouted Quinoa-Kamut M Dec 17 Bâtard 707 F Dec 21 Cranberry Walnut

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