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October 2018 Baking Schedule

Fall is just around the corner, and with it the October baking schedule. This month features a mix between favorites like the Somerville Sourdough and the Olive Bread and some speciality breads: the Heirloom Whole Grain Red Fife features a whole grain flour milled from a string of wheat that was popular in the late 19th century across Northern America before it fell into disuse and near extinction due to the ascendency of hybridized wheat varieties after the second world war. Unlike the protein structures in these modern hybrids, red fife heirloom grains are more readily digestible by persons with gluten sensitivities and boast a more complex flavor to boot. The Sprouted Amaranth loaf features an Andean super-grain with high protein and nutritional values whose smallness lends bread a densely textured flavor. So here, without further ado, is the October 2018 Baking Schedule.

M Oct 1 Heirloom Whole Grain Red Fife F Oct 5 Olive Bread M Oct 8 Cracked Corn Porridge F Oct 12 Sprouted Amaranth M Oct 15 Double Fermented Pumpernickel F Oct 19 Somerville Sourdough M Oct 22 Bâtard 707

F Oct 26 Country Loaf

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