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September 2018 Bread CSA Announcement — There's News!

I’m happy to announce the upcoming end to the summer break! Ferment Bakery’s Bread CSA will resume at the beginning of September with the first delivery scheduled for Tuesday, Sept 4 (due to the Labor Day holiday) and then resuming on the usual Monday/Friday schedule for the rest of the month. Here is the prospective baking schedule for September.

T Sept 4 Country Rye F Sept 7 Spelt-Wheat M Sept 12 Lucca’s White Knot F Sept 14 Sprouted Buckwheat M Sept 17 Brown Rice Porridge F Sept 21 Fermented Oat M Sept 24 Sunflower-Flaxseed F Sept 28 Bâtard 707 This fall marks the introduction of online single bread orders and subscription options. Beginning in September, in addition to subscribing to the Bread CSA, it will also be possible to order single loaves of bread online on a first-come first serve basis. (Bread CSA orders are filled first, and a $7 delivery applies to single orders—Bread CSA deliveries are free!). Because Ferment is a bake-to-order business, single orders should be made 2 to 6 days in advance: for Friday deliveries from the Saturday to the Wednesday before, and for Monday deliveries from the Tuesday to Saturday before. Please indicate the day you are ordering bread for underneath the “special requests” section, and order early! Deliveries are Mondays and Fridays, between 5pm and 7pm .

The bread pricing and CSA options are: $10 for a full (2 lbs.) loaf and $8 for a half (1¼ lbs.) loaf; crackers are an additional $4 for a portion of crackers (20 pieces; add-on only). Typical subscriptions are for a full loaf with crackers ($56) once or twice a week, a weekly ½ loaf with crackers ($48), or just a full or a ½ loaf ($40 or $32, respectively). Choose the package that works best for you :)

Please subscribe to the Bread CSA at your earliest convenience. Slots are limited and will be handed out on a first come, first serve basis. If you subscribe, I will need your mailing address as well as instructions where to deliver your bread. I accept payment in cash or by check (payable to Matthias Rudolf and addressed to 24 Munroe St., Somerville, MA 02143), or via an online invoice from Square. If you subscribe online, you may pay with PayPal.

With all best wishes for the rest of the summer, Matthias

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