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August Update

Today, August 4 2018, Ferment bakery attended the Union Square farmer's market thanks to Nibble. It rained, alot, but not too much to make selling bread impossible. To the contrary, we were thrilled by the interest of the patrons and enjoyed the many generous and knowledgeable conversations about our bread. By the time the farmers market closed due to a thunderstorm warning, we were well nigh sold out. Thank you to all who came and stopped by the nibble stand!

I was asked many a time whether and when Ferment would make its breads available. The short answer is soon — we're aiming for the first full week of September. The Bread CSA will start up again as usual, albeit with an extra twist. If you'd rather buy single loaves rather than invest in a full-on subscription, you'll be able to do just that: order any particular week's bread online and have it delivered fresh to your door. Refer to the baking schedule—also in these blog pages—to select the date and the bread you'd like and make the order online. Remember that it's first come, first served, that supplies might be limited, and that due to software constraints, I will only be able to accept orders made in the week leading up to the day in question.

The baking schedule for September 2018 should go up by mid-August.

If you have questions about this, email me at <>!

With all best wishes,


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