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May 2018 Baking Schedule

Dear All, and may it please the bread connoisseur’s court: The May Baking Schedule is in, featuring an array of old, semi-forgotten favorites and some more seasonal, spring-y loaves in the first week. The second week introduces some variations on earlier recipes: a buckwheat loafwith roasted groats, but this time with some added sourcream to accentuate the buckwheat (if you’re dairy or lactose intolerant, please let me know ASAP and I’ll make you loaf without the sourcream add-on!), and variation of the durum raisin loaf without the fennel and with fewer raisins for better ovenrise and a more open crumb. In week three, I’ll make two “double-fermented” loaves, which involve fermenting both the additions to the dough, sprouted and cracked rye/spelt berries. The last week offer two perennial favorites, the 707 Bâtard (the always-surprising flour mix, a loaf of which is pictured above) and Lucca’s White Knot. So, without further ado, here is May’s Backing Schedule: M April 30 Sunflower/Flaxseed F May 4 Roasted Potato Rosemary M May 7 Buckwheat w/ Groats & Sourcream F May 11 Durum Raisin M May 14 Double Fermented Sprouted Spelt F May 18 Double Fermented Rye Pumpernickel M May 21 707 Bâtard F May 25 Lucca’s White Knot

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