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March 2018 Baking Schedule

The starter experiment is over and the verdict’s still out. While some of you have shared your gustatory notes on the starters and others pointed out the breads you liked more (or less), and while I have a sense that the “very olde” starter might be a real winner, I don’t have enough information to come to any kind of conclusion. I’d love to hear back from if you have any notes about, judgments on, or evaluations of the different starters. That might be a tricky and quite subjective undertaking given the different breads (not the most suitable conditions for an experiment, I’d wager), but I’d be more than curious if you sensed a palpable difference. In any case, I’ll report the outcomes in next month’s baking schedule missive. Next month’s baking schedule may lack the starter experiment's fancy concept, but it’s no less exiting. It features some tried and true favorites—Olive and Raisin breads—some regulars, and two minor experiments, one with Spelt and Honey and the other with Sprouted Buckwheat. So without further ado, here’s the baking schedule for March:

Week 1

M Mar 5 Bâtard 707

F Mar 9 Sprouted Buckwheat

Week 2

M Mar 12 Sprouted Spelt with Rye

F Mar 16 Honeyed Spelt & Oat

Week 3

M Mar 19 Olive Bread

F Mar 23 Country Rye

Week 4

M Mar 26 Wild Rice Porridge

F Mar 30 Raisin Bread

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