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January 2018 Baking Schedule

Slices of "L's White-Knot" (from December 2017)

The baking schedule for January is out! I will be trying out some new combinations of flours (Durum and Emmer, and two whole wheat flour) and additions (Raisin/Fennel and Spelt with Maple and Beer). Note that bread delivery will resume in the second week of January. Until then, I wish you all happy holidays and a joyous new year!

M Jan 8 Pain Complet (Turkey Red Wheat) F Jan 12 Pain Complet (Hard White Wheat) M Jan 15 Lager Steamed & Sprouted Spelt F Jan 19 Emmer w/ Sprouted Spelt, Maple & Beer M Jan 22 Durum Raisin Fennel F Jan 26 Olive Bread M Jan 30 Country Emmer F Feb 2 Batârd 707

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