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October 2023 Baking Schedule

After the spate of September novelties, the October baking schedule features an assortment of Ferment staples, first and foremost the rarely baked Wheat-Rye loaf with Caraway and Coriander seeds, then a re-boot of the Poilânesque loaf, and finally, by popular demand, the ever-popular Raisin Bread. Voilà, le baking schedule:

T Oct 2 Ruchbrot

F Oct 6 Wheat-Rye Caraway Coriander

M Oct 9 Raisin Bread

F Oct 13 Honeyed Oat Porridge

M Oct 16 Seeded Wheat

F Oct 20 Poilânesque

M Oct 23 Bâtard 707

F Oct 27 Olive Bread

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