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March 2023 Baking Schedule

The March baking schedule takes off where February began — with the liquid-levain technique, this time for 100% whole grain loaf featuring a newly available hard red winter flour. The “Rouge de Bordeaux” varietal dates back several centuries to the Bordeaux region in France and makes a rich brown loaf with a mellow flavor and hints of baking spice aroma. The further breads are culled from the Ferment back catalog — the Buckwheat and Ploughman’s Loaf return after a year’s absence — and will appear on your door knob in the following order:

M Mar 6 Rouge de Bordeaux Pain Complet(au levain modern)

F Mar 10 Olive Bread

M Mar 13 Buckwheat Porridge Sourdough

F Mar 17 Country Spelt (au levain modern)

M Mar 20 Ploughman’s Loaf

F Mar 24 Semolina Sesame

M Mar 27 Steamed Sprouted Rye

F Mar 31 Bâtard 707

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