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Jan 2023 Baking Schedule

Happy New Year! The Spring 2023 cycle of Ferment’s Bread CSA will begin next Monday, January 9, and run for five months (Jan 9-Feb 3; Feb 6-Mar 3; Mar 6-Mar 31; Apr 3-28; May 1-26).

The baking schedule for January reprises last year’s new liquid levain technique for a 100% whole grain Red Fife loaf and Lucca’s White Knot. Week two’s rye breads feature the Serafino Rye varietal, hybridized to withstand extreme weather events, with rich nutty and malty tasting notes to accompany the health benefits (loads of protein, vitamins, and minerals) of traditional rye flours. Weeks three and four offer tried and true Ferment staples return in the weeks three and four. M Jan 9 Red Fife (au levain modern) F Jan 13 Lucca’s White Knot M Jan 16 Country Rye F Jan 20 Steamed Sprouted Rye M Jan 23 Seeded Wheat F Jan 27 Toasted Sesame M Jan 30 Honeyed Oat Porridge F Feb 3 Bâtard 707 We hope to welcome you back for the Spring! Please let me know by Sunday evening, Jan 8, if you would like to join or rejoin the Bread CSA for all or any part of the Spring 2023 season.

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