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Feb 2023 Baking Schedule

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

The February baking schedule is here! The first week continues our explorationof the liquid-levain techinique, this timewith the robust Country Loaf and themore delicate heritage-grain Kamut andSpelt flours. Week three’s DoubleFermented Poilânesque features a three-stage doughbuild that includes astandard starter and an additional liquid-levain stage. Theother breads areFerment staples, and will appear on your door knob as follows:

M Feb 6 Country Loaf (au levain modern)

F Feb 10 Kamut-Spelt (au levain modern)

M Feb 13 Miso Sesame

F Feb 17 Steamed Sprouted Spelt

M Feb 20 Double Fermented Poilânesque

F Feb 24 Polenta Bread

M Feb 27 Bâtard 707

F Mar 3 Raisin Bread

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