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Dec 2023 Baking Schedule

We hope you’ve had a fabulous Thanksgiving week as we look forward to the last month of the Ferment Bakery Bread CSA before the winter break! This month’s baking schedule features one new loaf – a whole-grain “complet” loaf featuring finely ground Spelt flour – alongside longtime Ferment favorites.

Please note that winter break will extend into mid-January – we look forward to delivering bread after MLK day, on Tuesday Jan 16.

M Nov 27 Spelt Complet

F Dec 1 Ruchbrot

M Dec 4 Seeded Wheat

F Dec 8 Sunflower-Flaxseed

M Dec 11 Raisin Bread

F Dec 15 Country Loaf

M Dec 18 Bâtard 707

F Dec 22 Cranberry Walnut

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