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March Baking Schedule: Two Newbies

Lucca's White (K)not, delicious (off-)white bread

Bread-wise, we’ve reached the end of February, belatedly, and are moving, finally, into the March cycle which will last through April 12. The April/May cycle will run from April 15 through May 10. This month features two new recipes, a Buckwheat bread that features additions of both sprouted and toasted groats, and double-fermented Sorghum bread. The rest is a combination of staples and the return of two perennial favorites, the raisin and olive bread. I’m especially keen to hear your thoughts on the two newbies. So, without further ado, here’s the march of the baking schedule in March: M Mar 18 Sprouted Kamut F Mar 22 Raisin Bread M Mar 25 Ploughman’s Loaf F Mar 29 Pain de Campagne M Apr 1 Olive Bread F Apr 5 Sprouted/Toasted Buckwheat M Apr 8 Double Fermented Sorghum F Apr 12 Bâtard 707

Happy Eating!

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